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pinup in sketch phase

Hey guys, I’m back with a new sketch. This is the rough and cleaned sketch of my next painting  (It’s also the first sketch I did in  a while using my intuos 4!). Since it’s a personal piece, I didn’t have anything as a start point and decided to indulge in an easy, fun pin-up piece. My first draft was really about getting the silhouette and pose right, you can see that I adjusted the anatomy and got more info down on my clean sketch (I’ll probably keep fixing and improving some more  as I go along). I also change my mind about her clothes along the way. Since this isn’t going to be inked, I left out some of the minor details to be designed at the painting stage (Her jewellery, and I’d like to give her a leg tattoo which I’ll want to design on the side, rather then on the character itself). If I have enough consecutive drawing hours for this, I’ll make a vid for the colouring part. 🙂



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