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Pinup: colour process.

It’s been a while since my last upload so I though I’d share my progress on my pinup’s colours with you guys.


This isn’t how I always work, but I find it works nice when you want to quickly render cartoon/comic styles.

1. Working with my sketch on top, I lower it’s opacity to 30% or less (as low as possible while still being able to see it). I pick my pallet and then quickly air brush some light and shadow zones. At this point, I don’t pay to much attention to edge or small nooks and crannies that might create harder shadows.  The idea is to make sure the light/shadow zones are consistent and grouped.

2. Air brush is to soft and loose for me to get rid of the sketch, so my next step is to define the edge and block in the missing informations.  At this step, I’m still using the sketch, turning it’s layer on and off very often to make sure the colour version doesn’t look stiffer and more artificial then the sketch.

3. More refining! By the time I’m done with that step, I’m able to leave the sketch layer behind with out worrying about going astray. I still keep it to check once in a while, you never know.

4. This is the step when I have a change of heart and completely change my setting and light. lol It just didn’t feel right that she’d be sunbathing with socks… And I liked the socks,( felt it gave her a little something more and less generic then just a bikini of some sort) so I changed the environment. Still a good amount of rendering and tweaking job to do, but  it’s coming along. 🙂


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