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Sam’s home; Sketch + video

Following last week’s thumbnail, here’s the house I sketched out for Sam. 🙂 I want to create a slum world of patched-together houses with some softer, more colourful fantasy elements. Sculpted architecture poking out, cute recycled elements (like mason jar lanterns) and a good amount plant life to bring in some nice, bright colours.


I recorded the process for those of you who might be curious. I had the ambitious goal of doing a voice over the explain a little bit of what’s going on and what I was thinking at different points but I’m too self-concious about my pronunciation/voice to do it and a little short on time.


The music is “Silent silhouette” from MarkySpark:

The tool you see popping out now and then is isometrify by Captain Awesome:

The pictures I used as inspiration can be found in different articles and blogs about slum cities:


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