First snow

Quick character sketch, Sansa from a Song of Ice and Fire. I’ve been working on finishing my shadowrun fanart for a while and I try to do some sketching too to avoid getting bored of painting. I think I might take this one a step further and color it once I’m done with my current painting.



pinup in sketch phase

Hey guys, I’m back with a new sketch. This is the rough and cleaned sketch of my next painting  (It’s also the first sketch I did in  a while using my intuos 4!). Since it’s a personal piece, I didn’t have anything as a start point and decided to indulge in an easy, fun pin-up piece. My first draft was really about getting the silhouette and pose right, you can see that I adjusted the anatomy and got more info down on my clean sketch (I’ll probably keep fixing and improving some more  as I go along). I also change my mind about her clothes along the way. Since this isn’t going to be inked, I left out some of the minor details to be designed at the painting stage (Her jewellery, and I’d like to give her a leg tattoo which I’ll want to design on the side, rather then on the character itself). If I have enough consecutive drawing hours for this, I’ll make a vid for the colouring part. 🙂


A little update

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been out for so long. I’ve been working full time on contracts (I can’t show) and the rest of my time has been dedicated to either having a life, or the part of the art business which isn’t very interesting to show.  I’m going to try and find some regular sketching time so that I can keep updating this blog but in the mean time, here’s the colored version of the sketch I showed a little while ago.